Monday, April 12, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Coast Rap

No Coast Rap is a rap battle group in Columbia. They hold battles at various venues bringing together a large crowd and good times.

Check out the wonderful article published in VOX by my friend Trey!

Kelly Betz a.k.a. Dr. U.G.Z.

Mat Betz a.k.a. Mantra

Macy Pruitt a.k.a. Ice-9

Justin Kusch a.k.a. Stoney J (top left), Mat Betz a.k.a. Mantra (top right), Macy Pruitt a.k.a. Ice-9 (middle left), Kelly Betz a.k.a. Dr. U.G.Z. (middle right), Alex Grousis-Henderson a.k.a. Al Hendi (bottom left), Steve Eanet a.k.a. XQZ (bottom right)