Monday, March 17, 2008

5 years later

On Sunday March 16 a peace rally was held in Columbia, MO commemorating the 5th anniversary of the War in Iraq and calling for an end to the war and peace.

Pausing briefly after marching from the Boone County Court House to Peace Park, Jesica Peol waits with a friend while the rest of the demonstrators arrive. Organized by Mid-Missouri Peace Works, the demonstration marked the five-year anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Marching down 9th Street, demonstrators chanting, "We are a thousand strong, We're here to say war is wrong." Group organizers had hoped for over one thousand demonstrators aiming to making it the largest protest in Mid-Missouri since the Vietnam War, they succeeded with over one thousand in attendance.

Musician Hillary Melville and her daughter Shante traveled from California to Columbia to participate in the protest. The Demonstration began with music and speakers leading up to the eventual march to Peace Park followed by more speeches.

Blocking traffic and drawing stares, protesters turn off Walnut onto 9th keeping beat with a wide variety of drums and musicians.

22 hand painted drums sit in the grass in Peace Park. Each drum represents a member group of the Columbia Peace Coalition.

Tying yellow ribbons together, Rachel Hartford participates in activity meant to show the unity of the crowd in their common goal of peace.

Following the march and speeches, David Engelkenjohn along with a few dozen others play drums, dance, and sing songs calling for peace.


gcr said...

Glad to see I wasn't included in any of these, once again. What is the point of calling this "Will and Stuart's Glenn Rehn Photoblog" if I'm not in any of the pictures?

Anjali Pinto said...

Good job, william. These are wonderful!