Sunday, March 30, 2008


My good friend and fellow DME member Phil Wong makes some lovely street wear. He just got some new shirts printed and wanted me to snap some pictures for his website. I have never shot fashiony stuff before. And I wish that I had been shooting a little bit better. It would have been nice to have some lighting stuff to play around with, to make some of the street locations more interesting. But here is what I like from the day.

It was nice to bum around the Lower East Side with some fun people. And Phil was all giddy about his new shirts. I think both of us should have communicated more about what kind of photos he wanted. But I think that at the end of the day I shot enough frames that he ended up happy. Also, Tim Penman was in town, and he is always a good time.

Make sure you go to Phil's website and buy his stuff. Then you can look like a real G.


Fodoz said...

1) great link on my CHORAL EVENT
2) i'm sure indie people who like choral music would like this stuff

Alice said...

110 represent