Monday, August 4, 2008


Well its about damn time! That's all I can say for myself. I have been in a bit of a funk for the last few days and feelings pretty unimpressed with myself, but now all I can say is shut the fuck up Will and keep shooting. = )

I've been in Florida with my family for the last few days and today is the first day we have internet so I figured a blog post was due (plus stu was probably about ready to kill me).

The view from our house. Sand is being brought in from the ocean to increase the size of the beach for both pleasure and protections from storms. Many houses were destroyed a year or 2 back during one of the hurricanes and the goal is to prevent that from happening again.

No this is not our house, but damn that blue is great.

More post will come soon with more pictures from Florida, New York, and beyond.