Friday, October 31, 2008

Mizzou Obama Rama!

With just 5 days remaining in the most important presidential race in recent memory, Barack Obama stopped by our humble town and spoke at our simple University. Over 40,000 came out to listen to Senator Obama's speech. The population of Columbia is just over 80,000. Many in the crowd, comprised mainly of students, began lining up before noon for the rally. This will be one hell of an election.


Elise Tanner said...

Normally I would say I'm jealous that he came to Mizzou and you got to see him speak.

But then I remember the Obama election night rally is literally a hundred feet from my school, with a million people expected to show.

Yeah, my school had to cancel classes Tuesday night.

So I'm really not so jealous of you, lol.

The images look awesome.

William Lounsbury said...

haha thanks dude, have fun! off

Christineee_Marieee said...


Those are conceptually phenomenal. just sayin. Love you, miss you.


I'm Ian Park said...

I like the framing on that last one

Katherine Kaiser said...

Will these photos are amazing! I honestly show my friends here the pictures you take at these places and they are always amazed. Love it!