Monday, April 7, 2008

Old Pictures that Went Away

I made a new Gmail account and all of my old posts went away. So here are some old photos I put up here but then went away when I changed all of my internets.

Anjali and Will made fun of me a lot of posting this picture up. But it is some rope at a hobo compound. And it is pretty.

This is a picture of Katie Hamlett. She didn't like it. But she looks oh so pretty. And she LOVES PLAZA 900!

This is Phil Wong at my sister's graduation party. My mom made some delicious dips and we drank champagne out of plastic flutes. That is Tim Penman's hand in the bottom right corner. He was hooking it up with sauces.

This is my sister at a lunch party at our apartment after her commencement ceremonies. We got take out Sezz Medi because it was raining so much. It was delicious. We also ate in the living room, which is weird for our family. But the whole mood of the afternoon was very bittersweet. Alice and I had hung out a lot in the year that she was a Senior at Columbia and she left from NYC very quickly. I think this picture shows how we all felt.

Also, a HUGE update is coming from Will. And it will involve new media, MAYBE! He is hard at work.