Thursday, April 3, 2008

Driving for Photos with Anjali

Anjali and I went for a drive on the spur of the moment. I was just sitting around doing nothing and she gave me a ring and said we should go look for some pictures. We threw our gear in her backpack and went to go play. We got about 15 miles north of town on 63 and turned right where a state park was. We ended up at the Rocky Forest Lakes Conservation Area which was filled of pretty lakes and nothing else. We saw a car, but no other people. Anjali took some pictures of the lake, and in continuing on going theme I took pictures of my friends taking pictures. I was totally spread out on my belly on a gravel road when I shot this. Too bad the effort I put into it didn't make a prettier photo.

Then I drove for a bit. YES I DROVE! And we came upon a vast and empty shooting range. We were stoked because places like this are total photographic gold. The light was very bleak and now that I look at all of my pictures they all have the color palette of German contemporary photographers, which probably annoys me.

I was trying to shoot the little details of the destruction of gun culture. I think I captured it pretty well. I want to go back on a nicer day and see people actually shooting guns. Shooting guns is something I have done very little of, I bet it would scare me more than enthrall me.


gcr said...

I can't believe Anjali let you drive! The last time anyone let you pilot something was United Flight 93. How did that turn out?

Anjali Pinto said...

It's funny that something is tagged with "Anjali" and "guns" and it's legitimate.