Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Which Wich

This is Historic Avenue's first attempt at new media and what an attempt it has been. A special thanks to our dear friend and partner in this endeavor Anjali Pinto of anjalipinto.blogspot.com

Editors Note: Dear friends, we are so sorry for all the trouble this has caused, the link from the preceding post will be removed but the post itself will stay to remind us here at Historic Avenue of the Columns of all the blood sweat and Stuart's tears that went into making this work.

Thank you for your support
-Will and Stuart


ryan said...


Anonymous said...

do those again because it was sweet. how did you record the voice over?

Mr Park said...

That came out really well.

Fodoz said...

this is really great. and "new," good job!

Katherine Kaiser said...

AHHHH I LOVE IT!! All the photos are so great. I have never been to Which Wich but I want to now! Seriously. Next time I come to Mizzou it's on.

Anonymous said...

those bastards messed up my order.
however these are fanTAZtique.