Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Tripping

We went to Iowa this weekend. Anjali's buddies from high school go to Grinnell College and so we hopped in a the car and drove straight north. I had taken out a very wide lens from the J School and so some of these pictures are weirdly distorted.

Anjali and Will were very excited to finally get to Iowa.

There were two of them! Dylan and Derek Gumm, true American heroes! This was Anjali tricking them into checking our blogs so our analytics would be the jump off!

We then went on a tour of Grinnell's campus. This is a picture of this desk jungle gym they have in the library. It was cute and gimmicky, I doubt people really study there.

And we got pizza and everyone was feeling pensive. Then they brought the wrong pizza to us and then we got the correct pizza, sans black olives, for half off.

After not having any fun at night, BOUNCE, we went to get a delicious Mid-Western breakfast. Well, I had a hamburger, but it was around the time for a good college breakfast.

On the way back we pulled over to the side of the road and ran around a deserted house for a few minutes. It was creepy but very photographable.

Good bye Iowa and your big skies.

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Esten said...

Abandoned houses are pretty great.